Bespoke Training Specific To Your Business Sector

No matter what sector your business is in, on occasion confrontation or volatile situations can occur - it is an unfortunate fact of life. 


Through tailored training, advice and audits, we provide directors, management and employees with the knowledge and skills to be able to confidently defuse or safely manage physically or verbally aggressive behaviour – enabling them to recognise, avoid, or resolve such situations as appropriate. We have experience of working with government agencies and officials in many areas, and are aware of the vast and varied challenges that they face. Our experienced consultants create targeted training programmes suitable for employees at all levels, and the risks that they encounter. All of our courses are accredited, so you can be confident that staff are receiving appropriate legal advice, providing protection in the event of litigation. 

We know that budgets are often tight, which is why we create a training package that meets your precise needs. Our flexible approach allows us to select only the necessary elements based on your situation, reducing costs and maximising relevance. 

A range of services with safety in mind

Services that we provide within this sector include: training of native police and sentries, use of force briefings

(knowing what is appropriate, necessary and lawful), violence and aggression audits, lone worker safety, personal

safety, travel and hostile environment training and all types of first aid training. 

Our focus is always on the safe management of situations. Our courses teach employees how to identify and be aware of potential risks, enabling them to avoid or de-escalate situations wherever possible. We also teach delegates about appropriate use of force, and the legal stance.